Monday, April 18, 2011

I Think I’m Back in Love With Shino

It’s been so long... I liked it back at Parkland, but didn’t know enough about it to really play with it, then I took that first Penland Concentration and learned a whole bunch of Shino tricks (speed drying, wax painting, ash sieving, glaze layering, & etc.) ...but also got swept off my feet by soda and salt on flashing slips, to which nothing else stood a chance!  Well, after nearly two years in a gas reduction-only studio, during which time I’ve been pining away for some atmosphere by making salt/soda style pots and then trying to make them look good in plain reduction, with varying degrees of success; I’ve finally gone back to Shino to get some variety back in my pots! 

For these pots I tried a couple tricks, one from Penland, one of my own conceit.  I wanted the pots to look both wood fired, and to have some atmosphere to them, so I started by (with Michael’s permission!) spraying a soda ash solution on the pots in a directional manner, to simulate flame movement.  The next step was to spray the pots with what is now my favorite glaze, Malcolm Davis Carbon-Trap Shino, +6% Redart clay.  I immediately followed the glazing with a heavy sifting of wood ash on the wet glaze over the area where I had sprayed soda before, trying to duplicate the ash deposit pattern that you get on wood fired pots, and then I sprayed them with more soda for good measure!

This pitcher is so good I have to show both sides!  (I’m keeping this one!)

The black/Shino tumblers had black slip (tinted with mason stain) bisqued onto them before glazing.  The lightest tumbler has two bands of bare clay with trailed flashing slip that I absolutely soaked with soda solution before waxing them off and then glazing.

Most of these pots, plus some others, will be over at the Artists Against Aids show/sale held two weeks from now:  this event will be held in the Blue Line Station at 804 N. Neil Street, Champaign, IL From Friday, April 29th until Monday, May 2nd.  Artists Against Aids is a local fundraiser for the Greater Community Aids Project, affiliated with United Way.  Check out their site here.  Come out and see the show, buy some art, and support a good cause!

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