Thursday, April 28, 2011

Metals Again

Winding down to the finish in Metals class, I finished that earring commission tonight: another pair of snowdrops...

...and a pair of violets so cute I want to keep them myself!

I also have the wax model of the channel setting pendant project ready to cast, and I kicked some serious butt on the magnolia pin commission- two flowers down, one more flower and the support structure/branch to go...  Tomorrow the rest of the magnolia pin, and spruing up the channel set pendant in preparation for casting.  For the record, that’s about twelve hours of work, and 1 extra-dark and ginger chocolate bar on what I’ve finished so far!   Let me also observe here that Robert and his wife Denise did a decent amount of logistics juggling to enable casting these earrings this last Monday- THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!  (April 28th, 1:30 am)

Note from the next day- magnolia wax finished, down another half a chocolate bar!

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