Monday, April 25, 2011

Metals Spring 2011

I’ll start out by saying that this is an incomplete catalog from the standpoint that it’s not over yet... and that my major headache from the first couple months of the semester is currently in the Parkland Student Art Show, so I’ll be posting pictures of that in a couple weeks, but here are the rest:

These lovely charmers are aquamarine prong set in silver- the design is based on flower anthers, and the findings are a special pinch finding I invented for my as yet un-pierced ears!  The impetus behind this project is the fact that the wonderful Robert, my metals instructor, and stone-setter extraordinaire, will be retiring from teaching at the end of this semester, and thus I want to cover all (well, most of) the setting techniques that I have not yet attempted.  Fabricated wire basket prong setting, check... next up, channel setting!

 These snowdrops are me branching out with a hot wax/wax sheet sculpting technique I first tried last spring, only then I was just doing leaves and twigs...

...and this is really taking it to the next level.  I’m particularly proud of this saucer magnolia pin as it took me just over a week of classes to complete, and it also contains my first use of gold in any of my work.  (Just gold leaf, and if gold stays over $1500 per ounce, leaf may well be all I get around to using for quite some time!)

For the remaining two and a half-ish weeks the menu includes finishing that channel setting project, finishing two pairs of those sculpted wax earrings (violets and another pair of snowdrops), on commission, and doing another magnolia pin, this one with three flowers, also on commission.  That’s about three, maybe four, extra dark and ginger chocolate bars worth of work to do...

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