Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Firing!

Just finished unloading, and by the looks of it I have a wood/soda kiln... but I really don't! (Just gas reduction and an abundant supply of wood ash, plus some soda ash solution in a spray bottle!) Here are some pictures:

Here's my control pot- same glaze (Malcolm Davis Carbon Trap Shino, + 6% Redart), just with no additional salt, soda, or wood ash

Other Studio Stuff...

The May/June Classes are over, now for a week of cleaning the studio before the next session starts!

The teapot experiment is coming along nicely so far- no cracks, and I slipped it yesterday.


  1. Wow, Sarah, those look fantastic! And that teapot is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. very beautiful teapot. makes me think of Matisse. I love the playfulness. Annette