Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Penland Pictures: Monday, Week One

 Well, here are some Penland pictures for you deprived folk who aren't here.

Coming up the hill this morning on my walk...

...And looking down the hill- this is the view from my room in Craft House.

What with the rain and all the humidity up here, some of the stuff popping out of the ground is pretty wild- these Indian Pipes were growing on the side of the road across from the Gallery.

And here are some pictures of Yunomi, and larger Chawan-style Teabowls (untrimmed) that Phil threw for the demo today:

I'll have pictures of my pots tomorrow, post trimming.  In three 'here and there' days of throwing I've already made more pots than I made in two weeks last summer...I haven't counted the total tally of pots, but I've already blown through 65 lbs of clay!

Tomorrow's excitement includes the demo on trimming these bowls, and CLAY SLIDE NIGHT!  (Which includes the studio assistants!)  If you're in the area: 8:15pm @ Northlight.

Monday, July 25, 2011

First Night

Okay, no free time for pictures- we'll see about that when it happens...maybe take the camera with me on my morning walk for some misty mountain pictures. 

A lovely surprise this weekend: the class description that was given for this session said that we would be doing only gas reduction- this being rather surprising considering that the instructor is Phil Rogers, guru of salt and wood fire. Well, once he got to campus and looked at the kilns the plan rather changed- now we will be doing a wood firing and probably at least two salt firings...no plain gas reduction at all.  Y'all have no idea (or maybe you do) how excited this makes me!  I'll be even more excited after Tuesday night, once the pressure of having to give a slide presentation of my work to the entire school (plus all the area potters who will probably come up just to see Phil's slides) is removed!

Re-adjusting to throwing stoneware clay is proving interesting- it's not as stretchy as porcelain, and I keep trying to push it too far.  (I have not gone over to the dark side, I have not...so don't gloat, Joce.)

Beddy bye time- Yunomi demo tomorrow!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Back on the Hill!

After a 11+ hour drive it's back to wonderful Penland!  A nice pesto, roasted garlic, and olive pizza for dinner at Pizzart in Spruce Pine with Susan the clay coordinator, Cyndi from last Fall's Concentration, and other Penland folk, a little socializing on the clay porch with some old friends (and their new friends from this last session), and then off to bed to catch up on sleep in preparation for a day of studio cleaning tomorrow!  I'll have some pix on Sunday, when hopefully I'll have some free time!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Brief Hiatus!

Hey y'all, there has been, and is going to be, a brief hiatus of the blog as I get ready to head off to Penland later this month where I'll be assisting for Phil Rogers in Session 5.  I have pots in two firings that will be out before I go...and I'll try to post the pix after I do the snazzy shots for Studio Assistant Slide Night.