Monday, August 22, 2011


Alright, ladies and gents, here comes the picture marathon!  Do note that the selections are a bit haphazard due to time constraints...

Phil's demo yunomi (untrimmed)

Phil's demo chawan (untrimmed)

Assorted pots of Phil's from the demo on carving through slip, and hakeme slipwork

Eacles imperialis- these lovely critters were lovely to see so many of one of my favorite moth species out and about- this charmer kept flying in and out of the clay studio one evening.  
(See Colin, I'm still a bug lady!)

Phil posing with the loaded Ginn-Ginn...and gingerade!

Kiln god for firing guess at who this guy is.

Judy and Melissa salting Ginn-Ginn

Mike and Melissa salting Ginn-Ginn

Pots from that first firing

One of my yunomi from that first firing- nice oribe glaze, crystals on one side, hare's fur on the other!

Foster the service dog, imprisoned on Foster Island, watching Gail glaze

Melissa, Ann, and, I think, Phil side stoking the firebox of the wood kiln

Anne modeling the height of woodfire fashion

Cooling day- one of the places we went on our field trip was Bandana Pottery, Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish,  who make wood fired pots out of local clay...we also went to Michael Kline and Shawn Ireland's studios, and to Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville.

...And then back home to fire Julia (I love this kiln!)
 (Y'all- I have no pictures of all the pots together from this firing- and they were lovely...I'd love to have a copy if any of y'all took pictures of them)

 Sunday's wood stacking party

Followed by un-bricking the wood kiln doors (note Susan monitoring the door brick stacking situation)

Wood kiln, first chamber (ash only)

Wood kiln, second chamber (residual salt- no new salt added)

At Penland, everyone mops- here Phil demonstrates his mopping prowess...either that or the 80's British Gold on the stereo was too much for him, so he had to get up and dance...I heard some singing coming from his end of the room...

Pieces from upper textiles floating on the breeze at show and tell

...And that empty studio...waiting for us all to come back.

...Four more weeks...

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