Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to the land of crazy people!

Total insanity up here in the clay studio- yesterday was the last day for wet work that will be fired here, and I was up until 3:30am getting bisques loaded and fired up.  We've been loading firm leather hard pots into bisques, with 12-hour pre-heats on the kilns, and the dry boxes have been crammed full to bursting- no exploding pots yet!  Today was a madhouse of glazing, and then kiln loading (in Gin-Gin, the new large salt kiln- Ol' Rusty's brand spanky new replacement).  Everyone chipped in impressively to clean the trashed studio afterwards (no shortage of volunteers, very Penland), and we're going to celebrate all the good mojo with a root beer float party after evening Slides! (The Paper, Print and Letterpress instructors and assistants are up tonight.)  Tomorrow will be firing Ms. Gin-Gin all day; and a glazing frenzy again, for the wood kiln this time.  We'll be wood firing Thursday and Friday- come up and watch!

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