Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Back on the Hill, working like crazy, very happy, heading to dinner.

More posted at the end of the week!

ps...Biscuits and Bacon, check, check!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Things that make me happy #394

Seen this morning in the grocery store parking lot: a woman riding a shopping cart across the lot to her car, at a pretty good clip too, and texting on her cell phone at the same time!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

This post is going to be a little scattered because, frankly, I'm a little scattered. (Let's re-phrase that shall we? How about "more scattered than usual"?)  It's getting down to the final sprint before heading down to Penland for Fall Clay Concentration, and there's so much left to do: clean, pack, finish and photograph a final piece for my Core Fellowship application portfolio, finish preparing and mail the Core Fellowship application, clean some more, pack some more, clay work, book work, dogs...did I mention cleaning?

First up, books:

Most of y'all have some idea that my day job is book conservation, yet I haven't yet shown a sample.  With items that come in the general idea is to repair the item into a structurally stable, and hopefully visually harmonious, whole.  Frequently "visually harmonious"  means that you select materials that camouflage into the book- new black cloth spine on an old black cloth bound book with a ratty or missing spine...but every once in a while you get to really have fun in quiet way.  This lovely item came in possessing pages mostly no longer sewn together, missing end bands (the little folds of cloth or cord at the head and tail at the spine of hard cover books), a spine that was shredded and torn beyond use, and an added spine label that was badly creased, starting to tear, and hanging on by only one corner.  The original book had been entirely bound in burgundy cloth on beveled edge boards with a mustard yellow spine label.  Since adding a second burgundy would have looked garish (no good cloth color match) and we had a close match for the yellow, after re-sewing the whole book,  I decided to use the contrast color for the new replacement spine and to use a burgundy Japanese paper (perfect match!) to reinforce (and accent!) the damaged spine label, to make new, custom, endbands, and to cover the dogeared corners where the original cloth had worn away.  On the whole, I think this is one of the niftiest repairs I've done- not the most difficult, but quite fun!


Since I didn't want to make any new work in the down time between sessions, I've been doing other to-do things around the pottery- cleaning the floor, cleaning student shelves, studio surfaces, the glaze booth, processing reclaim, bisqueing...and making cookies.

Not edible cookies!  These are reusable kiln washed clay disks with rims for potentially runny student pots to sit on when being fired in the glaze kiln- no shelves to grind, and these are cheaper than new shelves!

Future metals project in planning stage:

Source material...

...and sketch.

Now I just have to figure out a way to take it on and off without bending the snot out of it, and to figure out when I'll be in a metals studio again so I can make it!
Two weeks...