Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Penland Week 2.5

First firings are out!!!  We unloaded our first two kilns last Thursday- here are some pix of what I got out of them.  I had only one pot in the reduction kiln, but it was a beauty (the pitcher- my shot at layering glazes a'la Kent), the salt kiln pots were slightly less gratifying, but now that I know what works and what doesn't in the type of firings that we're doing, I can adjust accordingly, so the next batch should be better.

No pix, but Friday we went contra/swing/square dancing down in Celo-  fun, fun, fun!  There's some talk of making the clay party an old time dance party!

Now I know I talk about the food here all the time, but have never given an example...until now!  I present Saturday's dinner: the usual salad, pesto pasta, antipasti, caprese salad, rustic baguette with your choice of tarragon or pesto butter...with coconut cream pie and whipped cream for dessert....not an atypical meal either!

Sunday Suzanne (aka "Satan" to the Fall 2010 crew) and I took the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is in peak fall color, ...

...up to Mount Mitchell, which was cold, misty, and thinking about raining...

...and did the two mile hike from the top down to the park office, and then back, for four miles total, through woods which bore no small resemblance to Fangorn Forest.


This week we've been working on bowls- I haven't thrown anything yet this week, but here's a shot of Kent's demo yunomi...and martini glasses!

This little beastie has been taking up a big chunk of my glazing time...it's for the Penland Kitchen.  The leaves will be blue/green, and the background white with whatever pop-throughs of the underneath glaze (Reitz Green and White Salt, KW).

Yet this week: more bowls, firing Ginn-Ginn (big salt) and Big John (big gas reduction), making pots for the wood kiln, a visiting artist (Bill Griffiths from down at Arrowmont), another class occupying lower clay (Margaret Bohls teaching ceramics for collectors...and Bobby Kadis is up for that class!)...and this weekend a whole crew of us are going to go hiking up on Roan Mountain!

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  1. The pitcher is beautiful, I'm envious of your time there, glad you're enjoying it. Tell Bobby I said "hi."