Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Penland Week Four

First, let's just register the sad fact that the session is halfway over now...a depressing thought.  On the other hand, there are another four weeks still to go!

Dinner last Friday was truly phenomenal -it knocked over the Chicken and Wild Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo from the previous Friday's Core Show Dinner from it's position as "Best Penland Meal Ever"-  This time it was pork loin stuffed with goat cheese, red peppers, wrapped in bacon, and topped with a sauce of artichoke hearts; served with Tuscan white beans (herbed white beans and a little butter in a sauce), rolls with lavender honey butter, and the usual salad bar...I think the kitchen just earned some more serving dishes, don't you?

 No kiln firings this last week -though Juanita the little gas reduction kiln is firing today with a little heavy-reduction shino firing.  The form for this last week was bowls, cont'd, and yesterday we started in on lidded pots.  I threw and slipped some tumblers, a box, and a large 25lb open bowl, the last of which met an unhappy end when the weather changed and became much drier overnight.  This weekend I threw and trimmed 15 bowls for our Empty Bowls event, and softened another 75+ lbs (the donated clay is STIFF) for more throwing yet this week.

On Sunday Suzanne and I took a quick trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway to Crabtree Falls, and hiked the loop trail to and from the waterfall.

This week- covered jars, slipping and glazing for the wood kiln, loading the wood kiln on Friday, helping to funkify Homosote and turn it into a haunted house for Halloween Monday, and Saturday night is the Penland Halloween Party!!!!!

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