Saturday, October 1, 2011

Penland, Week One

So wonderful to be back on the hill- not just for Penland, but it's also a bit of old home week too; there are some familiar faces this time- Suzanne from last Fall, and Judy from this Summer, and up in Hot Glass is Joe from last Fall...besides Suze, Kent, and all the people who live up here.  This time is a little different as I'm living off campus (just up the road a bit), but it's nice to have the ability to escape the madness at will.

So far this week we've been working on Cylinder based forms -mugs, tumblers, and re-shaped bottomless cylinders with added slab bottoms- and some slab built and slumped plate and bowl forms, plus demos on glazing and slip decoration.  We also went over to Suze and Kent's house Wednesday afternoon for a couple hours to look at their extensive pottery collection and get some ideas (and drool).

Last night was the opening for the Resident Artist show down at the gallery (very nice) and also the instructor show (also very nice.  Suze had in a canister set, and Kent had a 2-foot lidded jar).  There was apparently quite a party down at the Resident Barns afterwords, as there were lots of cars passing my house into the wee hours of the morning.

It's gotten quite cold here (sleeting as I walked up to Northlight)- time to pull out the wool sweaters and hats.  Later today some of us are heading out to the Energy Exchange (a series of craft studios that get much of their energy supply from burning landfill gas) where they're firing a pallet kiln (a wood kiln using shipping pallets as fuel).

I'll post pictures after we get back from Energy Exchange.

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