Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photos From Week 1.5

A couple of views to start with...

Last Wednesday we went on field trip # 1 to look at the pots in Suze and Kent's studio gallery to get some ideas for glazing combinations...



...and drooling at the pots in their personal collection...including pots by my two favorite potters!

McKenzie Smith, Sarah Jaeger

On Saturday we went up to Energy Xchange (see previous entry) to watch them fire the big pallet fired wood kiln...

Will Baker stoking a half-pallet

No pix, but Saturday night we went to the Music in the Mountains old time music and dance festival in downtown Burnsville, which was really good- a mix of old time, bluegrass, shape-note singing, with clogging and flat-footing...and at the end of the evening they wanted to re-create the feel of an old-time dance party, so one of us Penlanders, who knew the organizers, recruited the Penland crew attending (including yours truly) to come up on stage to dance the local permutation of square dancing!  ...And we've all been recruited to go down to Celo for the Contra/Swing dance on Friday night!.

We did our first firing yesterday too, salt (Julia), and gas reduction (Juanita).

 Judy back at it

Michael pulling a ring

Last night's slides were two visiting artists, one from print/letterpress, and an art historian who is visiting metals.  The art historian, Howard Risatti, gave an interesting lecture titled "Art and Artifice", which was based on an exhibit that he had curated about how since the handcrafted object is no longer integral to everyday life with the advent of mass production, Craft now frequently produces "functional" objects that, while aesthetically pleasing, lack functionality, and how the switch to the mass produced object has produced our modern throw away culture.  Each grouping contrasted a functional handmade object with its "pretty" and less to non-functional modern version, and with its mass-produced counterpart/replacement.

Up this week- pitchers, studio visit this afternoon with Shawn Ireland (a wood fire potter just down the road), that dance on Friday in Celo, and this weekend is the Spruce Pine Potter's Market (potters from Mitchell and Yancey Counties).

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  1. Thank you for the pictures :) It's beautiful there.