Friday, November 18, 2011

Penland Fall 2011, Last Post.

 Well, it's over now...or it will be after helping with cleanup tomorrow...but let's go back a bit, shall we?

Here are the pots from the last wood firing...

Here's a beauty by Fletcher, one of our Studio Assistants.

Two weekends ago was Suzanne's Birthday party (at my house)'s the birthday girl with Gay Smith's dog Bodhi.

 The pots from the first wood firing were so good that everyone was excited enough to do another firing...

...and once we finished firing (only 15 hours!!!!!! The last one was 28!) we roasted marshmallows in the passive damper (!) and made S''s Roberto, one of our two Brazilian students eating his first s'more.

Things That Make Me Happy #395- Love this bumper sticker seen on a truck in front of the Pines!

...and #396, chicks with chainsaws- Sofie, Marie Claire...and me!

Once we chopped the replacement wood, we unloaded the kiln... are Scott, Day, and Bill from the kitchen, all happy with their new Sarah mugs.

And here we are, back where we started, at the end- here's our last session of porchification, in honor of our classmate Bill (not of the kitchen) who had to leave early...

...And our last dinner together.  (Penland tables are ever expanding- after this picture was taken we added a twelfth person!)

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