Monday, December 19, 2011

Penland After Concentration, and Back Home

Back home and getting back into the swing of things- scuzzy books, working at the pottery, going to my cousin's wedding...and catching up on sleep.

Let's go back a tetch, shall we?

Just because the session's over, doesn't mean you have to stop firing... The Tuesday after Concentration ended I headed down the road to Bandana Pottery, where I had volunteered to work a shift on their wood kiln firing. Bandana has an interesting setup because Michael Hunt, one half of the operation with Naomi Dalglish, has traveled extensively in Southeast Asia, including an apprenticeship in Korea, and their kiln is modeled on those he saw in Thailand.  Pictured above is Michael stoking the kiln.

 After Concentration my mom came down for a few days, and for Thanksgiving we went hiking on the Roan again.  Not as colorful as last time, but still very pretty, and not too cold.  The corgis were thrilled to go on the walk of their furry little lives- they've never been on a long hike before, and they had more energy than we did...note the big corgi grins!

One of my excuses to stay at Penland was to make mugs for next Summer's benefit auction patron breakfast, Susan needs 500, so my 50 will make only a small dent, but they all help.  I made some for every taste!  ...Love the titanium yellow slip!

Here's Susan and me soda firing at 2 am in wonderful Julia- totally kiln happy!  (The kiln contained Susan's pots for the Toe River Studio Tour, my auction mugs, and some pots made by and for the Penland Kitchen folk.

Finished Auction mugs...

...and more drying to get in one last bisque before I left for home.

And here are some last pictures of Penland in the snow.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!!!