Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eye Candy!

I fired a sample pot in the new series- a teacup and saucer glazed in Kiwi Celadon- an old standard we had back at Parkland.

Turned out pretty well!  Now to try some further tests- I have buckets of blue and green variants of  Meerfield Ash sitting around...those are going to be my next test pots.  I'm also going to start experimenting with an undercoat of  Tile 6 slip to brighten up our rather gray porcelain.

Last Saturday afternoon I threw 16 bowls, and re-filled the reclaim trash barrel...a good day's work!

Just for the record the following photos of snowdrops and witch hazel were taken on January 30th...and the cold snap that came in last week has mostly flattened the flowers.

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