Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Firing

Last week’s firing was a mixed bag- the pots were gorgeous...or awful!

This box was one of my favorites- first of all the form was made using a new technique (trying out something from one of Kent’s demos this Fall), but also the carving was successful in scale and balance, and the glaze pooled nicely- my one complaint is the pooled band of glaze at the bottom of the lid, but I’m not sure how to totally get around it with this glaze while still keeping it runny enough to give good contrast...ideas, anyone?

Same glaze and pattern, different form.  Again, I need to do some testing to make this glaze slightly more refractory; note the thinness of the glaze at the rims...that should help the pooling too.

I’m learning to love kiwi celadon!  This jar is probably my favorite piece from this firing- the ferns could maybe be a hair broader, but I’m happy with the balance of the pot.  I will probably try to get a good base glaze out of the kiwi since it is so reliable, and then try it with some other colorants...I do like the slight matte and crackle on the Meerfield Ash base (the blue), I just need it to be more stable!

Bowls...some experimenting with some different patterns- I particularly like the way the bamboo bowl came out.  This picture is for all you potters who have to look at the feet!

More kiwi...

Now we get to a brief sample of the failures.

This bowl is a mitigated failure- the glaze turned out nothing like it should have (matte sage green with glossy raspberry red where it pools), but it doesn’t look half bad...other people like it- maybe it will grow on me.

This pitcher is a shining example of the unmitigated failures: the copper variant of the Meerfield ash turned out way too dark in this firing- usually it’s a rich green with black flecks...this time it came out a toxic, icky black mess.  Unfortunately I did several pieces in this glaze- ugh, and I happen to know that it re-fires poorly too.

My current throwing project is a series of three place settings intended as a portfolio piece.  So far they’re made up of a charger, soup plate, and bread plate- I’m planning to add tumblers and goblets this weekend.  I’m also thinking about how to construct an appropriate soup tureen, and I’ll probably make a bread plate, water pitcher, and vase as well...if I really go nuts, I'll add a wine decanter and butter dish to finish it off!  Hmm.

Also time to start thinking about what to make for this year’s Artists Against Aids show- after last year's crummy sales (not a good town for shino!) I'm thinking small, cheap and shiny...lots of mugs and small bowls.

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  1. These are beautiful, Sarah! I love the blue box, and the bowls would be perfect for tea (well, depending on how big they are)! Even the failures don't look so bad to me, but then again, I'm not an artist. :) Hope everything else is going well with you!