Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So Far...

A progress report for the place setting project- here are the individual settings:



I also have a third one that is decorated with some kind of mystery shrub- to me it looks vaguely Persian- lotus blossoms on some other plant's stems, maybe... I'll edit in the pic later, as it mysteriously is not on my flash drive...

The goblets I made as a cylinder with a disk of clay set in the inside and smoothed down where the body narrows to the stem.  This achieved the seamless look that I was going for, with no exterior join line, but it was very fiddly...there’s probably a better way to do this, one that I just haven’t figured out yet!

Here is the butter dish...Next I’ll be tackling the other serving dishes!

Before I get to those other serving dishes however, I first need to finish making my contributions for this year’s Artists Against Aids event- the entry deadline is a little over a month away!  So far the only finished pieces I have are the bowls from the last firing.  In process are these fern mugs- they’ll be largish coffee mug sized when they’re fired...I like them so much that I think I may make a few more, and glaze some in the blue in addition to the kiwi that I had planned to use. (Blue sells...and, after last year, I’m willing to be a little flexible.)

I also have some little pinch bowls (think for spices in kitchen prep, teabags, jewelry dish, etc.) in process, and a teapot and another box (below) in the bisque.

What I'm aiming for is a good selection in the $15-$40 range, which seems to be the sweet spot for what people are willing to spend at this show.  I’ll also have two or three bigger, showier pieces- that teapot, and maybe a pitcher, and a larger platter or bowl.  After all, as Michael likes to say: “If you don’t make big expensive pieces, you don’t sell big expensive pieces!”

Now for something not entirely on topic but, after all, the outdoors is where I get my ideas- Spring is sprung!

No pics, but we also have daffodils, Chinodoxia, and Scilla blooming in the garden, and the Hepatica is blooming in the woods!  We're supposed to have four days in the upper 70's this week, which will spoil us rotten.   I'm sure however, this being March, and this being Central Illinois, that winter will come howling back in, probably with a quarter inch of ice and an inch or two of snow....right when the Magnolias are starting to open.

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