Saturday, October 27, 2012

Way Cool...

I was just nosing around Slate when I ran across this post about the photography of Catherine Nelson...really, really amazing.  Take a look here.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Week...5, Post From a Slacker!

 Long time, no post.  Slacker!  Anyway, here's a rundown on what's happened since the last post...

First firing of the session, salt in beautiful Julia...on top is a selection of pots from the whole class, on the bottom is a rather crappy shot some of my cups from the first firing.

We had Bruce Dehnert, a potter in charge of the clay program at Peter's Valley, come in to demo for us for a couple days... he demoed a few different cups, a ewer, and an extremely flamboyant butter dish.

Oh yeah.

We also had a visit from the Rural Academy Theatre /Harrel Brother's Circus, who arrived with a very colorful wagon in tow, and presented a theatrical show about the upsides and downsides of invention through puppetry, manipulation of shadows, song and acting.  They then they finished by showing two very old silent films- one was a magnificent Russian stop motion film made using real dead insects (really, really neat), and a Buster Keaton short.

Despite the fact that it's getting so late in the year, it's still a rainforest up here, and the mushrooms are still popping out everywhere.  This batch appeared in front of Bill's Place.

I love the autumn blooming anemones that have been coming out the last few weeks- lovely beds of "September Charm" were going full blast behind Lily Loom, and in front of Faraway Cottage down by the Resident Barns.  These have inspired a set of teacups, which are currently cooling in the kiln...these will be on display in the Post Halloween post.

These cute Corgi cone packs I made for our second firing...after a post lunch game of chase-the-soccer-ball with Cricket the Edwina Corgi.

This chowder dinner set was not made during this session, but is the previously seen one that I've been working on all Summer, fired by Gay Smith, all cleaned up, and ready to photo shoot when I get home!

Some local excitement...The Ledger Volunteer Fire Department used the old H.P. Copley rental as a practice burn the night of the Resident Artist's opening.  Definitely a festive atmosphere, all the Penland old-timers turned out to see an old party haunt go down...the firefighters were having a good time too- squirting each other with the fire hose!  Speaking of which...they were hooked up to the Pines Dining Hall for their water supply, and when they turned the water to the hoses on, the fire alarms in the Pines went on too, right in the middle of dinner.  Several times.  EEEYYYOOOWCH!!!!!!

For the rest of the session we are working on self-given assignments- mine are working large, and improving my decoration skills with my new carving techniques.  This 20 incher is my first shot at large, thrown in sections.

And here's Matt working on his demo pot for coil-and-throw.  He finished throwing it and its lid it tonight, using 74 lbs of clay total.

Here's my second try, after the second coil.  A little wonky, but despite the aversion of near disaster this evening, it's going well.  I'm on the fourth coil now, and have passed the 21 inch mark...only another 6 or so inches to go until finish (our bisque kilns max out at 26 inches, so if I make it a bit taller, it will shrink to fit!)

I haven't managed to get in as much hiking as I had hoped for so far this session, but I did scratch one off the list that I've wanted to do for a while.  This last weekend my friends Joe and Char from Glass and I went out to Linville Gorge and hiked the two most strenuous trails out to Linville Falls.  Linville Gorge is special in that, unlike almost all of the surrounding area, it was not clear-cut at the turn of the century due to it's steep terrain. It was a beautiful day at peak fall color, and the trails were just on the nice side of exhausting.

This is a shot of Joe, one of our lovely studio assistants, modelling a Sarah Sigilatte 'Stache.  I particularly enjoy modifying the available dining hall beverages for improved tastiness...and the Sarah Sigilatte is my newest concoction, so good that the entire table wanted one.  What is the recipe, pray tell?  One part Coffee, in which you steep 2 Black Chai tea bags, one packet of Swiss Miss, one and half parts hot water, half a part of Half and Half...topped with a generous gloop of Whipped Cream.  MMMMmmmmm.

Last up is a door-down shot of the soda firing we unloaded this morning.  A nice firing for both slips and glazes...Observe the nice big bowl of mine on the third shelf down, if you please.

The next post will have some close-ups from this all the insanity from the Penland Halloween Party!!!

Just a side note- for those of y'all who have never made it out to Penland, and for whom my pictures and gushing are not enough to get a picture of the place, the School now has a page where you can view 360 panoramas of different places on can Penland-stalk here