Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Penland Love Letter

I've been wanting to do this post for a while, my take on a wonderful place that has meant much to me and to many, many others.  Maybe someday it will mutate into an artist's book of sorts...in the meantime, here it is in blog form.

Things I love about Penland

The dogs waiting outside Northlight or the Pines, waiting for attention and treats.

 That handmade things are everywhere, from the handrails, to the curtains, to the toilet paper holders in the Pines...

...To the serving dishes in the Kitchen...

...To the "take away" cups in the dining hall.

Though sometimes you have to look to find them.

That the chalkboards in the Pines can be pretty darn funny...

...and so are the kitchen doors.

 All of them!

The pranks you can pull.

Spontaneously deciding to have Crazy Sock day.

Finding creative ways to comment on some of the problems of dorm life.

Nice bumper stickers.

Really nice people.

Really crazy people.

How everyone, regardless of fame or fortune, does their share of the cleaning.
(Though it helps if you have some good music to sing and dance to.)

Knowing how to advertise a party.

That there's always a nice view, regardless of weather or season.

Down time on the Clay porch with friends.

And remember:

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